Telephone Bot

A Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion themed bot for your Discord server.

(This site is currently under construction.)

Features at a glance

Quick Start guide

For server owners:

Simply use an invite link such as this one or via the .invite command on Discord.

Please note that Telephone bot requires the read messages, send messages, embed links, and attach files functions to work.

For users:

To setup a profile, you’ll first need to register by using the .profile create command in any channel (or direct message).

From here you can use the respective commands to set your in-game username (.profile ign), level (.profile level), rank (.profile rank rm S+0), etc. You can use the help system to easily list all of the profile related commands (see below).

Almost all commands are organised into what are called modules. Each module has its own list of commands accessible via the .help command.

For example, if you want to know the different profile related commands, you can use .help profile in a channel or direct message.

Need help?

You can join our support Discord server and get help and useful tips from other users or the development team.